Awaken Wellness TestimonialsI’ve attended several of Katherine’s seminars and find her to be approachable and knowledgeable. Her suggestions are realistic and I’m really enjoying the journey and the impact mindfulness is having on me both at work and at home. Overall, I found the class wonderful. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Nicole Emmons, Sr. Manager, Hasbro

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsWhen I started Katherine’s meditation course last winter, I was hopeful to learn the practice and art of mindfulness. I needed something that was my own to “own” so to speak. I had not been that successful in calming myself or even aware of the anxiety I carried with me daily. I am happy to report that although not 100% successful at mindfulness, I learned with Katherine’s guidance how to prepare my mind and body. I was able to receive moments where it “clicked” finally for me. For the first time, I understood why people who have learned this art, practice it daily to enhance their lives. I am grateful for Katherine’s guidance and teaching. Each session felt unique to me as an individual. To me that’s the sign of a successful teacher, to let the student feel the uniqueness of the journey that is simply their own. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Caren S.

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsI have only positive things to say. I have loved all of the mindfulness offerings and will continue to participate in everything you offer to us! I think being mindful and learning mindfulness is one key to being observant and self-aware among many other benefits (relaxation, etc.) Both of these traits have immense value in decision making and functioning in a collaborative environment. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Dan Materese, Sr. Project Engineer

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsI have known Katherine McHugh for many years in my community and often wondered how she stayed so upbeat? Always a smile on her face, always a word of encouragement for anyone in need. Fast forward to today and I know Katherine as a mentor. I have been lucky enough to have had her as a teacher in one of her recent Mindfulness courses. I am happy to know there is a way to be present, mindful of my actions and to have been given by Katherine, techniques in helping me achieve this goal. Katherine was a terrific guide as she is approachable and fallible-just like me! I highly recommend Katherine if you are interested in approaching your day to day life with joy.Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Judy Labins, Creative Director, Boston International

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsThis class was incredible. It’s really awesome how this is becoming part of the fabric of our work culture. I came away feeling very centered and relaxed. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Joshua Sklaroff, Sr. Editor, Hasbro

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsHaving had no previous experience with meditation, I found Katherine’s course to be very accessible. She is a wonderful teacher who is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also incredibly warm, patient and kind. She truly believes in the benefits of mindfulness and goes the extra mile to help provide her students with the tools they need for continued practice. I would highly recommend taking one of her courses.Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Emily Redmond, Owner, the Paper Crown Co., LLC.

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsI loved the class; it exceeded my expectations! Katherine is very engaged and does a great job. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Emily Alvernaz, Logistics Manager, Hasbro

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsKatherine is truly an inspirational individual. She is in the moment, cares deeply about her clients and her practice. I highly recommend Awaken if you are looking for mindful meditation or to feel more relaxed and present in your life.Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Julia Corbett Tanen, Managing Director, Riot Public Relations

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsI had the pleasure of participating in one-on-one mindfulness coaching sessions with Katherine McHugh, as well as watching her facilitate a workshop at my company. I was impressed with her ability switch gears as needed and stay enthusiastic about the topic. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Kathy Greer, Founder and Chairman, KGA, Inc. Employee Assistance Program Providers

Awaken Wellness TestimonialsKatherine is a wise and skillful guide who gently leads one to a state of deeper and deeper awakening.  She is a pleasure to work with, walks the walk, and has a lovely sense of humor which makes the journey fun.  You are in good hands. Awaken Wellness Testimonials
– Sharon O’Connor, Ed.D., Principal, DKS Consulting Group