AWAKEN Wellness Resources offers effective, inspirational and innovative training and development programs to promote health, well-being and human flourishing, for the individual and for the benefit of all.

My work is primarily geared to those who serve in any capacity – within corporations, educational institutions, and health initiatives. AWAKEN provides a wide range of live and online courses and seminars to support your particular goals and intentions.

Utilizing awareness practices (mindfulness) with the tenets of positive psychology and the latest findings in the applied sciences, AWAKEN’s content catalyzes vital skills that foster resilience, increase capacities for leadership and promote active engagement in all aspects of your work life – and everywhere else.

With 94% positive feedback from now over 20,000 participants, the results confirm the well-known benefits of these practices, such as “feeling more at ease and less stressed.” Indeed, they reflect how the best of personal development curriculum can inspire and energize with new ideas and insights AND provide toolkits to make lasting change.

AWAKEN to a renewed sense of well-being and purpose. Be present to the life that is uniquely yours. GROW.