All of our sessions or classes are tailored to the needs of the individual, group or company. A consultation will determine the exact price, based on time, location, course materials, and the number of participants.


Our Core Classes

Stress Management Classes These classes are comprehensive in nature, focusing on stress reduction and health optimization. They are six to eight weeks in length (with an optional all-day retreat). More than half of the favorable findings in current research regarding mindfulness are based on participants enrolled in this curriculum. Maximum benefit is achieved with class time running from ninety minutes to two hours. Each week allows for in-depth exploration and understanding of several mindful practices (including mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful movement and the body scan.) With extensive practice, active and engaging class participation, as well as a commitment to home practice, a solid foundation is built.

Meditation for Beginners Eight weekly classes open to all levels (As we are all beginners!). From sixty to ninety minutes.  Here we cultivate the foundational elements of mindfulness and introduce a variety of approaches to meditation.  These weekly courses run from 3-8 weeks, and emphasize daily engagement with stress reduction methods, guided meditations and bringing awareness into our everyday lives. We also learn to recognize the individual habits that contribute to our stress.

Mindful Eating In this course, we learn how to nourish the body and mind by turning our full attention to eating, what we are eating and why we are eating it! With vital information to aid us from the fields of nutrition, medicine, and psychology, we begin to see how our behavior and habits may be no longer serving us. We begin to reduce or eliminate mindless and emotional eating and invite appreciation into every bite. By recognizing the particular and sometimes subtle signals of hunger and fullness, we begin to make healthier, wiser choices for ourselves.

Half-Day Retreats These are wonderful opportunities for your company or organization to recharge, refresh, become inspired, or simply to come together without distractions. We work together with you to create a theme or topics for the day and how they can applied and woven through the understanding and practices of mindfulness. These ideas will be reinforced in each of the presentation modules of the retreat. Past themes included: leadership, creativity, balance, perspective, and interpersonal communications. Each person leaves with something new, an insight, a sense of well-being, or a new “tool’” in their toolbox for managing stress and coping more effectively in everyday life.

We work with you to create a theme or *topics for the day and how they can applied and understood with mindfulness.


Upon Request

Introductory Seminars – 1-4 hours. An introduction with a brief history of mindfulness and what it is. Providing an overview of the effects of stress on our mind and body and how the practice of mindfulness counteract these effects. Part lecture/part experiential. Participants will leave with an initial glimpse of the powerful results one can notice with these simple exercises.

Evening Lectures and Presentations – Topics related to health, wholeness and wellness are given by request. Past lectures have included: The Use of Mindfulness in Anxiety and Depression, Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindfulness and Pain Management, Mindful Communications, The History of Mindfulness, World Religions and Mindfulness.



Individual sessions are available to introduce, strengthen or recharge a mindfulness practice. The approach and length of time will be determined by the particular goals and needs of each client. The first session is 1 ½ hours long and further consults will be for an hour.

• Anyone interested in stress management and/or looking to be more present in their lives.
• Business leaders & executives desiring balance in their lives, and as a means to discover creative insight into ongoing challenges at work or at home, with the need of flexible scheduling.
• Those suffering from emotional or physical pain, offered as an integral component in a multidimensional approach to healing.