AWAKEN Wellness Resources, offers a wide range of transformational training and development programs utilizing awareness practices and fostering resilience.

We work with corporations, organizations and individuals, supporting their goals with a wide range of courses, seminars and retreats. Our practical and inspired live and online seminars and courses include The How and Why of Emotional Intelligence, The Science of Positive Psychology, Having a Growth Mindset and a Learning Series for Managers with Topics including Giving Feedback, Delegation, Evaluation and Mentoring, Mindfulness Based Stress Management, Mindfulness at Work, Mindful Communications, Flourish.

Our often-requested presentations include: How to Have Difficult Conversations, Surge Protection: How to Prevent Burnout, Compassion and Empathy Training in the Workplace, Your Brain on Multitasking, Resiliency Training.

We provide leadership retreats for your group at every level.

Participants have confirmed the well-known benefits of practicing mindfulness:

• Less Stress and Anxiety
• Improvement in Physical and Mental Health
• Increased Ability to Focus and A Better Memory
• Heightened Creativity and Performance
• Enhanced Relationships at Work and at Home

AWAKEN to an overall sense of well-being, learn to be more present to your life and GROW.